Capture Of Ziz

by Qualeaceans

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Wolfe If you can spare the time for the 78 minute track, it's worth it. It's completely surreal and simultaneously sounds like it's improvised and knows exactly what it's doing.
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Composed In 2011-2014. Recorded & Produced In ‎August/November/October/December 2013, September 2014.

Press Quotes:

Metal In Opposition they call it; to me, it is polystylist metal, free metal, space metal — krautmetal. Whether from Germany or not, Qualeaceans play the most radical brand of metal, ever. The ensemble draw on every single form of extremity in music, hammering out their sonic tower as high as it gets, yet ichorous, like a figure in a Dali painting. Their insane musical outlet encircles noise music, free jazz, psychedelia, musique concrète, aleatory, texture, multitempo, improvisation, the use of numerous additional instruments (e.g. hammered dulcimer, violin, prepared guitar, recorder, tanbur, harmonica...), and manipulations of the tuning during a single piece. And the only song featured on their debut, "Capture Of Ziz"; 'In The Cavern Of The Flightless', is a mammoth composition running over one hour and eighteen minutes, what makes it the longest track recorded in the history of metal.
- CVLT Nation

Qualeaceans make a great use of, but don’t go nuts on the additional instruments, giving space to the massive guitar riffs that are about to return in the next movement. Progressive it is indeed, but above all it’s metal... Complex song structures like Capture Of Ziz's one and only song, In The Cavern Of The Flightless, aren’t easy to digest and may give a hard time even to fans of the most extreme metal music to make it through the whole composition, given that it is one hour and twenty minutes long, separated to five movements, one more brain-melting than the other.... Whether or not you get tired of improvisational music that goes too far, you should really give Qualeaceans a chance, maybe more than one. Capture Of Ziz has the potential to grow with every listen, as long as you listen with an open mind, willing to take the journey through the whole intricacy.
- Destroy//Exist

Uncompromising indeed!
- Brain Trust Music

Trying to imagine the cavern of the title based on the music brings to mind images of something like a termite hive the size of the Grand Canyon, with inhabitants of a size to match. It's dizzyingly big, almost overwhelmingly dense with activity, and just plain powerful... Qualeaceans' new album has been four years in the making, and the end result is a thoroughly impressive, complex, and ambitious arrangement of metal overdrive with a prog approach to crafting the rhythms, counter-point, and hundreds of intricate micro-shifts which make up the hour-plus single track, “In The Cavern Of The Flightless”... Also worth noting is the strong production work, which adjusts acoustics and polish to fit the changing flavors of the album to good effect... They have an amazingly fluid quality to their music... and the song's structure, which moves about like a snake that can't stop shedding its skin.
- Ride With The Devil

Metal pushed to the Limit ...The music foundations are constantly in motion, ranging from forward driven erratic tribal drum beats, to a massive acoustic bridge. To explain further would do injustice to the surreal kind of experience that Qualeaceans have served up here, apparently the result of four years hard work. I recommend this headtrip only to the most open minded metal music fans, as the massive length, surreal and sprawling nature, as well as krautrock sensibilities, makes it a very niche offering, but decidedly unique, and worth a listen, even if only to experience a very unique, and some would say extreme interpretation of metal.
- Metal Music Archives

Prepare to have your mind blown! QUALEACEANS "Capture Of Ziz" is amazing.
- Bro-Metal

Mysterious Qualeaceans should be given credit for having enough courage to bend metal music. After krautrock movement and its successors, we rarely had chances to encounter this kind of aesthetical insight.
- Progarchives

Best Of 2014 Lists:

TovH’s Best Of 2014 (I encountered a huge number of bands this year that really challenged me (in a good way) as a listener, and Qualeaceans was surely one of them. Their debut album is a single, multi-movement work that contains ideas of minimalism, improvisation, aleatoric chance, and straight up weirdness. This thing is a truly surreal experience, and they make me (the dead German avant-garde composer) mighty proud.)

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Atheist's Top Ten Albums of 2014 (This entry is just bizarre. The band is incredibly secretive about the identity of its members to the point where I don't actually know where they're from. This is their debut album and it's an absolute monster. 78 minutes long, all one song, making it the longest metal song in existence. They call themselves Metal In Opposition, and that's pretty much how they sound, switching from industrial metal to acoustic weirdness, and groove metal to heavy progressive stuff, in a moment's notice. For a metal nerd like me, this is pure gold. Definitely a band to watch.)

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released September 30, 2014

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A concentrate of two seemingly diametric fundamentals, autonomy and metal, Qualeaceans’ deliberating of Metal In Opposition serves as a platform as enigmatic as uncompromising...

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Track Name: In The Cavern Of The Flightless
A provisional fowl; dubbed a myth
Now I recount my own make
Of an evasive blood, on its trail
No, not the Ryleans; we hunt the death when snowfalls pyre
Hell our human heads
Low tide in deep space; shapeless antechamber
High tide in brain; shaped aberration

Our beat swiftly gets decoyed
Procession of the wild boars
Eminent, fierce suids
Arduinne and the deathcult
Contention of the lizard clade; or the so molted us
Fretting over their souls
Taghairm, spiritual echo; ingress to killing plane
Ritual tools: shoulder blades, self-portrait of the egg-faced; all burned at the stake
Foray, brighten their fears; blare of terror into their ears; an etheric decimation
The still waters set in motion; dimorphic rebirth; odor of the cunt-God
The wader, the flightless, and the lame
Confronting in a resolute domain, in the meantime, outside this frame

Linger on, in spite of no apologia
The flight that won't take you home

The scheme itself is planted throughout in here, it sways from the past then disappears
Like moon morphing a reptile my body revolts
Huntsmen plan to haunt their own abstract: obsolete phobe of a senseless notion

Deep into a cavern through the bones of my thought
Where sentimental glyphs were drawn and incised inside
One last prey; one last concrete

To penetrate the animal world
Guruavis perplexed, Gryphus Imdugud, Anghandrosphinx
Claws dissected; rummage recouped
Planetary cavemen, leading us into an epicyclic conduit
Where Sekwi nests; ruler of the birds
Messianic decoy; minuscule ratite
With legs ingrained in its own guts

Solvated the pogrom of thoughts
The gauge of birdbone sailing the space
Subsisted balafon playing the infinite chord of malaise

Tonight I told the coasting shore
There's water far behind the seas which rips flesh
It cuts through and floats from under the skies
As the first time you heard the voice of a voiceless stone, you scrammed to profound caves
While I couldn't speak the uttered words of the fowl that drawled inside my heed
I wasn't alive neither dead; neither myself nor anybody else
Didn't hunt, and weren't hunted

Mountain micher calls the karst valleys frozen
Canis has expanded
Nature-lover's cannibal ecstasy
Through veins of insects we set up a sailboat in form of fear

Then we drank from reappearing springs
So the rainwater discharges and forms a new cave
But a bestial eyeless huntsman spider looped around us and it never breathed our breath inside

Years passed since that encounter
Each movement acting as a clamber
Misleading us to save up some more time
To drown life and pursue our polluted progression

What looms all around; what ships all the time
As you'll see the springe all upon your wings
What looms all around; what ships all the time
As you'll see the springe all upon your wings
What looms all around; what ships all the time
What looms all around; what ships all the time
As you'll see the springe all upon your wings

Black's every moonday; black's every noonday
As we laze, we watch the expansion of the skies
The gauge of boarbone sailing the space; the stimulation of its erogenous zones

Laze upon the guru's cartilage, blowing fife
Laze upon the guru's cartilage
Blowing fife; laze upon

Prophetic rebuke of the third cosmic realm
Of the third cosmic realm

Raptor subfossil; apyromantic
Wolf-thoughts in my head
Segments swing formlessly
Push the space rock away

Conquest screamed; conquest screamed
Canon slaked; canon slaked
Sonic egress
Supersonic egress